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[Infographie] “Neuro-gaming” : pourquoi les IA apprennent le Poker

Back in the days, we were only dreaming about self-driving cars and assistant robots that would make appointments for us. Now, those days are here and the concepts we saw in movies are tangible products we can buy. Now, largely thanks to the gaming industry, artificial intelligence is advancing with giant leaps. Chess, Go, poker, electronic games, all have tested and improved upon AI.

Using artificial intelligence is not a new concept. In fact, it’s been around since 1984! However, most notably, the artificial intelligence used in poker has improved and advanced quite a bit since it first came out. How does this change the game of poker for the future? The story told by PokerSites suggests that the coming years will see the stakes growing sky-high thanks to the developments in the AI.

Better and More Competitive Poker Players

Artificial intelligence is getting smarter with challenging humans. It was used for chess and now people are turning to the computer to boost their poker game.

More specifically, people are becoming more aggressive with their betting strategies to reap the benefits of small advantages. Players are also using a continual betting strategy to give them more control over the game and can out-bet the other players before the cards are even shown.

Players Who Know Their Strengths and Weaknesses

Playing against computer is easier than playing against a human since you cut out all of the emotional and judging stress you get from them. Players can focus on their own emotions and judgments and their opponents’ strategy.

Poker Helps Artificial Intelligence Research

Using artificial intelligence in poker won’t be just limited to the game but will also be used in experimental labs. Artificial intelligence help researchers tackle some real world problems such as negotiations and hidden information through poker strategies and player tendencies.

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